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Noise-proof uPVC Windows For A Quiet Life

Our Double Glazed uPVC Windows offer the most effective Sound Insulation & Acoustic properties for Indian Weather conditions.


Keep unwanted noise at bay with Window World's Window Systems. Specially designed to reduce the amount of sound entering or escaping from your home, they also add an additional layer of security. These windows are ideal for the present busy lifestyle – or simply if you want to enjoy a quiet life!


Window World's uPVC Windows & Doors are engineered to reduce sound transmission. The multi chambered profiles, fusion welded joints, Multipoint locking mechanism, and dual compression gaskets ensure that there is no sound infiltration. When combined with recommended Glazing & Hardware, Window World's uPVC window systems can insulate your indoors from unwanted sounds up to 40db.

UPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride is a standard material used in windows and doors but do you ever consider the advantages of selecting UPVC windows compared other products?

Here are 10 benefits of UPVC windows and doors for your home:

1. Customisable

Typically most UPVC windows, doors and external facias will come in white. However, developments in the manufacturing process have meant homeowners are no longer limited to not only colour but a series of customisable shapes, styles and imitation effects such as wood grain.

Installation companies and manufacturers can now tailor UPVC products to your desired specifications; meaning windows and doors will outfit perfectly into your home or property.

2. Security

The security of a property or home is paramount to any window or door installation. This is why UPVC exceeds expectations with an ultra-light yet sturdy frame, used in conjunction with various locking combination and a double glazed pane of glass will prevent an intruder from breaking in.

3. Insulation

Energy efficiency is at the front of everyone mind when it comes to new windows and doors and the choice of materials used will impact the warmth and window energy rating of your home.

UPVC is a low conductor of heat meaning when fitted correctly it will form a closed air system minimising the heat loss, experienced by non-insulating materials.

4. Low Maintenance

UPVC is a low maintenance material, unlike natural materials which require annual sanding, varnishing and repainting. Windows & doors made from UPVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering, the only upkeep is a wipe down clean with soapy water to prevent staining and remove grim or dirt.

5. Durability

The material is incredibly tough meaning the frames can cope against the most extreme elements and are not affected by rot and corrosion which is especially advantageous for properties located near the seaside where high salt content can be problematic. The UPVC coating is also protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays which prevent the material from fading in prolonged sun exposure.

6. Ventilation

UPVC windows can come in various window style configurations providing an efficient ventilation system with effective airflow into a room. An effective window configuration is called 'tilt and turn' which consists of a two-window arrangement which can open in two separate directions providing draft-free ventilation.

When in the tilted position inwards, hot air can escape through the top and side openings while turning the window to open fully can quickly ventilate the atmosphere of an entire room useful for cleaning or refreshing.

7. Eco-Friendly

The average life span of UPVC windows can range between 40-80 years and are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long-term impact on the environment.

When replacing old windows and doors made from UPVC ask your installer if they will be disposed of accordingly to ensure are recycled, and the materials can be reused in other products such as pipes, plumbing fittings and more.

8. Weather Resistant

Weathering is a common problem amongst most materials used on the exterior of a property. UPVC windows and doors do not react with water and air and are not susceptible to the natural elements, meaning a longer life span without ageing.

While UPVC can stand up to the weather and requires less maintenance than naturally occurring counterpart materials such as wood, we recommend taking regular care of any external UPVC installations including soffits and facets to ensure their longevity.

9. Sound Proofing

The UPVC material works in combination with the double glazed window panels to help decrease the amount of noise that can pass into your home. Most UPVC windows and doors should reduce external noise by up 50% compared traditional counterparts.

10. Fire Retardant

The building regulation state that units and frames for windows and doors must be made from fire rated materials preventing external fire spread. UPVC is also a material required by the building regulations to adhere to the fire safety protocol, meaning the material will keep the primary route open for 30 mins in the event of a fire incident.

Benefits of UPVC Windows & Doors

Benefits of Aluminium Windows & Doors

Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 9.06.08 PM.png

Are you looking at buying doors and windows for a new house or at upgrading your current installation? If that’s the case, when the time comes to seal the deal, you will need to look further than just the aesthetics and the figure on your invoice. Indeed, your final choice could have a significant impact on both your comfort and energy bill.

You’ve likely considered aluminium as a material for your doors and windows thanks to its strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. But did you know that quality aluminium doors and windows offer more than just that? Read on to learn more about the benefits of aluminium as a material for your doors and windows.

What are the benefits of aluminium doors and windows?

The benefits of aluminium are plentiful. This material allows you to combine both performance and aesthetics. Thus, for many homeowners, aluminium doors and windows offer several advantages over traditional timber or uPVC..

In short, you can’t go wrong with this material and here are our top 7 reasons to install aluminium doors and windows.

1. Durability: Aluminium is resistant to the elements and does not rust

Aluminium doors and windows are high on the durability quotient, as the material is resistant to corrosion and does not rust.

Thanks to certified surface treatments, aluminium doors and windows retain their performance and aesthetics throughout their lifetime. Whether you live along the coast in Sydney or in the Western suburbs, the weather-proof nature of aluminium will continue to bring you return on your investment. If you live in a high-wind area, aluminium, by virtue of being a structurally strong material, is recommended over timber.

These attributes make aluminium the right choice for your main entry door, internal kitchen or bedroom windows, patio door or bathroom windows.

2. Cost: Aluminium is a cheaper alternative to timber

Cheaper than timber, aluminium offers the best value for your money. In the long run, thanks to its much longer life and better energy performance, aluminium doors and windows also turn out cheaper than uPVC, which is a weaker and slightly less efficient material.

It’s easier to customise aluminium windows or doors so whether you to replace an entire wall with a door or want a unique window configuration, the figure on your aluminium supply and install quote is bound to be lower than timber. To learn more about how much aluminium windows and doors cost, read our comprehensive guide.

Finally, it’s not the upfront cost you should be worried about. Timber requires higher and more regular maintenance, failing which its life can drastically reduce. Aluminium, on the other hand, boasts hassle-free maintenance.

Knowing this, spending slightly more when purchasing your new set of doors and windows would be a smart move that would save you a lot of money down the track. But it’s all a matter of what budget you can afford at the time you decide to invest.

3. Maintenance: Save time and money on maintenance

Aluminium doors and windows do not rust or discolour. Therefore, maintaining them is both quick, easy and cheap. And the good news is that you generally only need to clean them twice a year.

To carry out this task, you will only need soapy water. Give your aluminium doors and windows a quick clean, then wipe with a soft cloth to keep them in mint condition. This is usually all you need to make sure that your aluminium doors and windows look bright and operate smoothly for a very long time.

4. Aluminium Windows Look Better

When it comes to home design, aluminium is the symbolic material of contemporary architecture. It can be easily powder-coated for different looks and finishes. No matter what the shape or dimension of your doors and windows, it can be tailored to the most challenging specifications.

Thanks to its robustness, aluminium is ideally suited to the construction of large doors and sliding windows. Large timber panels, on the other hand, are prone to warping and twisting when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

If you’re worried about the “industrial” look and feel of aluminium, you can easily customise window and door frames with the desired colour and finish. You could even choose to use one colour on the inside and another one on the exterior of the frame – just discuss these specifics with your aluminium window and door supplier!

5. Energy efficiency: Good thermal performance with the right glass options

Depending on the quality of your doors and windows, your electricity bill can fluctuate a lot and severely hurt your bank account. Drafty windows or ill-fitting doors can be a severe drag for your home efficiency. By allowing heat to escape through cracks and inefficient construction, they force your heating system to continually work to keep up.

When it comes to thermal performance, aluminium has significantly improved in recent years and offers great insulation. Combine with insulating double glazing to limit both heat loss and entry of cold draughts into your home. Coupled with the right glass options, your aluminium door and window frames can help you shave significant dollars off your energy bills.

6. Bushfire Safety: Aluminium doors and windows can be bushfire rated


Another essential aspect to consider when looking at doors and windows is their resistance to flame damage in the event of a fire. You can refer to the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating system to get an idea of what you would need depending on the risks in your area.

Aluminium doors and windows are an excellent and safe choice, as they usually offer better resistance to fire. For example, all BetaView products provide a BAL-40 rating and above (except the louvre window which is BAL-19).

However, to guarantee that your aluminium doors and windows have their full BAL-40 rating, they must be correctly installed by a professional who has experience dealing with BAL-rated building materials.

7. Eco-Friendliness: Sustainable properties of aluminium doors and windows

Being 100% recyclable and reusable to infinity, aluminium is far more environmentally friendly than uPVC. Moreover, using aluminium also helps save timber. Not only does aluminium have a low carbon footprint, but if you ever need to replace your aluminium frames, the old ones can be recycled into other new objects.

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